Stump Grinding

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Stumps can take up valuable space on your property. By removing a stump from your yard, you will be able to make space to expand your home or start a landscaping project in the area. At CJV Landscaping & Tree Removal, we can handle the job for you! We have over 10 years of experience in the industry and a team of qualified experts ready to assist you. If you live in Carver, MA, give us a call to schedule your stump grinding service!

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When you request our tree stump removal services, our knowledgeable arborists also assess the area for tree stump grinding. The mulch that results from grinding can be used for landscaping purposes. In addition, you reduce any trip hazards, improve aesthetics, and prevent pests. For that reason, some people choose to grind the stump and remove the tree, even though it is not always necessary.

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Stump grinding and removal allows you to start landscaping projects such as laying sod or planting a flower bed. At CJV Landscaping & Tree Removal, we can help you remove a tree, remove a stump, or grind one you already have. You can expect efficient and professional service from us. Learn more about how we help residential and commercial customers in Carver, MA, by reaching out!